October 25th Mixed Thoroughbred Sale Supplementary Section

Sale Date: October 25th
Entry close date: Closing Soon!

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      Entry Fee 150 Payed via CC/Debit

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      All Entries MUST BE Registered. No entry will be accepted without a Registration Number Michael Donohoe & Sons, their servants or agents shall not accept any responsibility for injury, loss or damage suffered to persons, animals, goods or property or howsoever arising as a result of any act, omission, default or neglect on their part or on the part of any owners of horses and/or their agents or visitors to the Sales. They further retain the right to prohibit the entry to their Complex of any animal which is suspected to be suffering from a contagious disease. PSRA: 002298
      By submitting this entry I agree that the information given by me is is accurate and I agree to be bound by theTerms & Conditons Of Sale a copy of which may be viewed HERE